People-Based Marketing – The Framework

Welcome to my inaugural post.  As The Chief Rainmaker, on a quest to help other Chief Rainmakers, my post today is about one of the most significant shifts in marketing since the invention and use of email. Ironically, what’s old is now new again, email has become the linchpin to the biggest developments in digital marketing.

You can think whatever you want about email marketing. However, if you’re paying attention to how hot People-Based marketing is, then you know it’s because email transactions associated with the browser, has become the saving grace to digital marketing.

Saving grace? Oh really, you might say. Saving grace from what? People-Based marketing, the framework, is the saving grace from Robots. Yes, little Robots that plague your digital media buys.  It’s estimated that $16.4 billion could be lost to ad fraud in 2017. Yes, little fraudulent Robots, posing as real traffic, even real clicks and opt-ins. 

And mobile media buys, those numbers are even higher. Obviously, advertisers are tired of getting punk’d and the reason People-Based marketing is so hot is because Advertisers started demanding the reality of this fraud, be seriously addressed.  

It’s not a joke, even though what I wrote below, kinda is…  😉

Three Browsers walk into a bar and say, Mr. Pub bartender, drop some Retargeting on us. 

Mr. Pub Bartender says sure, here’s a little pixel, this will get you loaded and follow you around ‘til your head spins.

Next, a nice Lady walks into the bar and says, which one of you Browsers wants to buy me one of those sweet little pixel drinks? I’m looking for a real Browser.

All but one Browser is broke and feeling a little fake. The one lucky Browser tells Mr. Pub bartender, I’m buying this fine Lady a drink and whispers to the bartender, I’d like access to your private reserve, the good stuff.

Mr. Pub bartender says, we can handle that transaction, give me your credit card for an open tab. The good stuff, it’s in that locked cooler, anytime you want to access it, just type in your email with this password.

The Lady whispers to Mr. Pub bartender, is this Browser for real? 

Mr. Pub bartender: this Browser is about more than just a Retargeting pixel, he’s spending bucks to access the good stuff.

The Lady: Now that’s what I’m looking for. Can you get me that next Retargeting pixel on him and give me his email address when he accesses the good stuff?

Mr. Pub bartender: Missy, NO, I’m sorry, but that’s PII (personally identifiable information), and not legal for me to provide to you. However, I can drop your Retargeting pixel and give you the Hashed code of his email address. That way, the only way, you’ll be able to read the Hashed code of his email address, is if you already possess his email address. Technically and legally, I’m not giving you his email address, but if you already have it, then the Hash code will recognize that you do already have it and you’ll be able to read his email address. Capisce?

The Lady: Oh I gots me some emails, I capisce all that.

Mr. Pub bartender: Yeah Lady, I know, I’ve seen you around, a lot

Here’s the thing, we all still use our email address(s) to access things we’ve purchased. Robots are not in the habit of this behavior. The People-Based framework is simply identifying real people, using their email as an identifier behaviorally participating in transactions. Buying something, then accessing it. Seems kinda simple and on the surface, it is, and maybe that’s why it works so well. Everyday tens of millions of People participate in this type of behavior. When that type of behavior is associated with a Retargeting pixel, you have the opportunity to advertise to real People, instead of Robots. This is the People-Based framework of marketing. On top of this framework is the foundation for so many new and exciting data products, offered by an ever expanding group of companies. If you’re a Chief Rainmaker, I suggest you start doing your research on People-Based marketing. And if you got questions along the way, hit me up, I’m a real person who’s been deep into this for a while now.

My company, Profit Worldwide,Inc. has developed a stackable, layered process and data technology, building upon the foundation of The People-Based Framework. And since we invented something totally unique, we named it, Independent Audience Engineering.

Through our Agency Partners, we’re working with the top, biggest companies in our space. As of the date of this post and for the past two+ years, we have not seen any other company with our specific, stackable, layered process and data technology.

Our data correlations are allowing for pinpoint targeting in ways you’ve never seen before, until now. And yes, mobile is the future. Just wait until you see the IoT with augmented layers, connected Social-Wifi networks, and proximity beacons all feeding into the People-Based framework. Truly mind blowing.

As a media buyer, Independent Audience Engineering isn’t something you can buy at Google or Facebook or anywhere else.

The entire digital media industry will come to realize soon, there are other options to buying 100% of audience on a usage basis, over and over again. And if you don’t know what that means, you better figure it out soon. It’s your traffic, you’re paying for it. You own it, first party. Maybe you should start acting like it.

The Chief Rainmaker

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