Discover New Custom and Look-A-Like-Audiences For Multichannel People-Based Marketing

If you’re not creating look-a-like-audiences (LALAs) from your custom audience data, you’re missing a huge opportunity. It’s crazy to me that I talk to People everyday who don’t properly utilize their own first party data to target and extend their audience reach.

Chances are, you are familiar with running campaigns with custom audiences. Of course, most Pros are maximizing their reach with their current data assets. Uploading your prospects/CRM data and your customer data to run ads directly to those People has become a standard operating procedure. However, acquiring new prospects and customers is expensive and you need to constantly do more of it to be able to extend your reach with look-a-like-audiences. The rub is, scalability is an issue. The good news is, we’ve fixed the scalability issues. We’ve developed a low-cost solution to engineer in-market audiences. I’m talking about People-Based Custom Audiences derived from first party retargeting pixels and correlated to keyword search intent which is deterministic behavior. Audiences that will lower your lead/customer acquisition cost by at least 25% without you doing ANYTHING different, other than utilizing the audiences with your current campaigns.

I read this article from Liveramp, interviewing the Chief Product Officer of Share This. It’s a short, very worthwhile article that covers some of the challenges and benefits of using custom and look-a-like-audiences.  

“The ability to build custom lookalike audiences empowers marketers to identify new consumers and increase their lifetime value.”

Nowadays, just about every ad platform/network offers you the opportunity to upload your data to run a custom audience campaigns. The more channels you run, the more lift and return you will get. Run as many channels as you can. Then, create look-a-like-audiences from your custom audience data and you will see the biggest and best producing campaigns you’ve ever run. Once you discover the power of look-alike-audiences (LALAs) you’ll then want to know how to scale those successes and we’ve got you covered.

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The challenge beyond the first identification is identifying the level of interest or engagement scoring for each individual on every channel, across multiple devices with multi-touch attribution for all behavior across all your marketing. SmartPath will turn your anonymous users into addressable users profiles with real-time analytics the moment they land on your website.

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