Data Driven and Omni to the Segment of One.

"marketing whereby we identify and target individuals as they engage across every device, every browser, and every channel, both on and off your website". Gil Ortega

We live in a sensor economy.
Sensors collect data, IoT.

Sensors are growing in numbers, exponentially, there are billions and will soon be trillions. Data+Data=Insight and insight is valuable.


Data-driven marketing collects, analyses, and utilizes all forms of data from sensors. Within a few layers, IoT goes from anonymous to not. If People want to use all the cool new technology like Google Maps, Alexa, Facebook, basically all tech, they give up data collected by many, many sensors. 

My belief, in the not so distant future, our Identity which is our personal data, will be controlled within the blockchain, giving each individual person 100% control over who can message them. In essence, a state of true 1 to 1 marketing, with the Individual Person in control of the toll gate. Thus creating an economic model for a basic income to each and every Person. We all only have 24 hours in a day, the attribution of where it's spent will become what we know as Immersive Advertising. The attention of People, of a Person will become the only channel. Omni to the segment of One.

The Chief Rainmaker

REPORT: People-Based, Custom Audience Engineering

There’s a very detailed case study of a Client’s 90 day campaign, where they spent $9,993.96 on Facebook, and made $90,250.00 in revenue with our data tech.