How Trump Managed to Pay Much Less Than Clinton For Facebook Ads in the 2016 Election

The point of sharing this article is not political. Rather, the point is to show you why Trump’s digital team gained an major advantage over Clinton on Facebook’s Ad Platform.

When Democratic Leaders heard Trump’s digital team was able to buy their ads for less, and their knee jerk reaction was anger at Facebook. As if this was a choice Facebook staff made. It was not. This reaction could only come from someone who didn’t know how Facebook’s targeting algorithm works.

Read the article and look for the mention of "Custom Audiences" and "Lookalike Audiences" This is a key part of a strategy we’ve been using for many years. To say it works would be a massive understatement. With our data on the front end of this tactic, it’s rocket fuel to any campaign.

Special note: I'm sure Brad Parscale has a large amount of solid, deep and rich political data. Brad was able to produce more with less. Why? And it's not like Facebook was looking to give Brad/Trump an advantage over Hillary. At least I don't think so. The reality is , Brad got a better result because he had a better strategy. That said, Brad didn't have our data targeting technology. If he did, his results would have been even better. Meaning, the first party data our technology produces is better and more cost effective than anything Brad had. The strength in using Custom Audiences that are used to model great Lookalike Audiences comes from the initial seed data. When we lead score and segment our top of funnel audiences, it creates tighter, more relevant audiences that perform better and better over time. We do this for pennies or fractions of pennies compared to the cost of getting someone into your funnel.

It’s easy to understand why uploading your CRM Prospects and Customer Lists (CRM Retargeting) works so well, it’s because it relevant . Of course the availability, and cost adds major issues to the scalability of this first party data strategy. Then again, Brad didn’t know who we were back then. Back then. The good news today, you’re now in the know.

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The challenge beyond the first identification is identifying the level of interest or engagement scoring for each individual on every channel, across multiple devices with multi-touch attribution for all behavior across all your marketing. SmartPath will turn your anonymous users into addressable users profiles with real-time analytics the moment they land on your website.

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