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Lead Score Facebook Custom Audiences With Google InMarket Searched Keywords

You pay Facebook and Google for views, clicks, and leads. They show you data on how well your campaigns/ads perform. That’s great. However, what they don’t show you is WHO is engaging with your campaigns/ads/website. Imagine knowing WHO. I’m telling you right now, you can and should know WHO.

Do you run Facebook and Google custom audience campaigns?  

Tag, segment and lead score the People from your campaigns into specific behavior buckets, allowing you to run tighter more specific sequenced campaigns.

The data driven marketer uses their data to better target and personalize their marketing across multiple channels. New audience data technology is changing audience targeting. Audience data derived from first party retargeting pixels and correlated to keyword search intent, can be onboarded and deployed across a multichannel ecosystem.

Openers & Clickers - Here’s a non-specific, yet probably the best comparable example I can give you, to convey the optimization opportunities extending from knowing WHO is engaging with your campaigns.

Let me suggest a hypothetical situation,  say you’re doing an email marketing campaign. You’re going to send an email to 1,000 people, and the cost to send each email is $1 per email sent. Let’s refer to the total universe of the 1,000 people, as “The Haystack”. You messaging The Haystack to identify the Needles in The Haystack. In other words, the People who are interested in your email offer. After you send the first email, you want to send a second email. Here’s the key, you don’t waste your money on sending a second email to the entire 1,000 people. Instead, you only send your second email to the openers & clickers of the first email. Targeting the People who engaged your first email is more cost effective and you will get a better response.

Now use this same example, except it’s not for email, it’s for your Facebook and Google campaigns. Again, you can tag, segment and lead score the People from your campaigns into specific behavior buckets, allowing you to run tighter more specific sequenced campaigns. Advertising to The Haystack to find the Needles become way more efficient.

The biggest gaps in today’s marketing are in attribution.

The starting point for better attribution is identity.

You cannot rely on modeled cookie pools or walled-garden IDs to execute cross channel 1-to-1 digital attribution. Identity is at the heart of our new multichannel reality. If you get identity wrong, everything else is wrong.

Over the past decade we’ve all seen the latest and greatest omnichannel, 1-to-1, addressable, just-in-time-messaging panacea. They promised the kind of meaningful interactions that used to only happen in real life. Why didn’t they deliver? Why didn’t it work?

The reason is because, it was before People-Based Marketing.

Targeting InMarket Prospects from Google and lead scoring their engagement on Facebook is easier than you think. You might think, how is this possible, Google doesn’t even allow you to run a Facebook pixel on your Adwords campaigns. And you’d be right and I tell you to expand your thinking. I encourage you to start researching everything you can about People-Based Data and Marketing. It’s the future of where all marketing will start and finish. Why? Because all multichannel marketing requires you get identity right first. People-Based Marketing is the new gold standard to getting identity right.

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